UUS 28-12, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Model F-2AD ALTAISHINA p.r.8
Size 15,5-38
Tread pattern type Rough terrain
Overall diameter 1575 mm ± 1,5%
Section width not more than 394 mm
Static radius 750 mm ± 2,5%
Maximum speed 30(35) km/h
Bearing surface index 137(133)
Flap, preferable tolerance DW14L
Qmax 2300(2060) kgf
P0 at Qmax 1,8 kgf/сm²
Tyre mass not more than 98,3 kg
Vehicle type and model All MTZ tractors, YuMZ-6 for driving wheels
Standard name Specification 38.304-058
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