UUS 28-12, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Model DT-124 VOLTYRE Heavy
Size 16,9-28
Rim designation W15L/W14L
Ply rating 12
Overall diameter 1408 mm
Section width not more than 455 mm
Static radius 645 mm
Load index 151A8
Maximum load 3450 kg
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Inflation pressure 260 kPA
Tube designation TL
The Appointment Of Large tubeless tires are designed for the drive wheels of the backhoe loaders of Russian and foreign manufacture and suitable for work in cross-country conditions and soft terrain. The tire has extra wide lugs with a long overlap on the center; it was designed to prevent deflection, tears and cracks. Excellent tread wear resistance and flotation, as well as uniform wear are the result of a special lug design. Off-the-road tread pattern.
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