UUS 28-12, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Model DT-121 VOLTYRE Heavy
Size 28х9-15NHS
Rim designation 7,00/7,00BD
Ply rating 12
Overall diameter 703
Section width not more than 231 mm
Static radius 323 mm
Load index 148A3
Maximum load 3150; 1320 kg
Maximum speed 15 km/h
Inflation pressure 830 kPA
Tube designation TL, TT
The Appointment Of Pneumatic tubeless tire is designed for use on the front axle of diesel forklifts with load capacity 3-4t. Non-directional tread pattern is suitable for both the driving axle and for steering axle. It has additionally reinforced sidewall. The design provides high performance both in the polished concrete, and in the conditions of the mountain section. Off-the-road tread pattern.
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