UUS 28-12, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Model Forward Safari 500
Size 31х10,5-15LT
Tread pattern type Rough terrain
Overall diameter 787 mm ± 1,5%
Section width not more than 268 mm
Static radius 368 mm ± 1,5%
Maximum speed 140 km/h
Bearing surface index 109
Flap, preferable tolerance 81/2J; (7J;71/2J;8J;9J)
Qmax 1020 kgf
P0 at Qmax 3,1 kgf/сm²
Tyre mass not more than 24 kg
Vehicle type and model Rough terrain motor cars and utility vehicles with 4x4 wheel arrangement, UAZ SUVs and foreign analogues
Standard name Specification 38.304-087
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