UUS 28-12, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
Model NEW Forward Professional 218
Size 225/75R16C
Tread pattern type All-season
Overall diameter 744 mm ± 1,5%
Section width not more than 228 mm
Static radius 341 mm ± 1,5%
Maximum speed 140 km/h
Bearing surface index 121/120
Flap, preferable tolerance 6J-16; (61/2 J -16; 7J-16)
Qmax О-1450; С-1400 kgf
P0 at Qmax 5,8 kgf/сm²
Tyre mass not more than 17,7 kg
Vehicle type and model Light-duty trucks of Bychok ZIL-5301 family; BAZ-3778 and medium class buses (M2/M3): ZIL-3250,-32501,-3246, Pskovavto-3319,-3243, KAvZ-3244,-3244,-324410, as well as foreign analogues
Standard name Specification 38.304-102
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